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Exploring Math with Engaging Materials

Children are naturally drawn to explore beautiful materials. When presented with such treasures, they carefully lay the items out with amazing organization.  With focus and determination their eyes look for patterns and similarities.  As I watch and listen, a mathematical story forms.  I can hear a child counting stars as he lines up the pieces.  […]


Welcome Families! Back to School Sept. 6th

Welcome! As our colorful summer days transform into the earth tones of fall, our thoughts move from summer adventures to autumn preparations. At CCC the sunflowers are stretching high, whispering their secrets to the birds and bees, “Come visit, for cooler days will soon be here!  The winds will scatter my seeds and petals!”  As we the […]


Oregon Kindergarten Assessments – CCC Parent Meeting May 20th

Dear CCC Parents, Today I received an important announcement from PCPO, (Parent Child Preschool’s Organization).  PCPO shares their concerns that the new “Oregon Kindergarten Assessment” is unnecessary and may damage self esteem.  Courtney, Taty, and I concur! From what they share in their letter, students entering kindergarten will be tested on information that they need […]

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