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Creative Children’s Center is a unified family program that crosses over many years.  We offer both half day and full day classes, including before school care and after school care (creativity club) for our working families.

Beginning with the Play Pals, our two and three year old students explore the classroom with the support of a teacher and parent helpers. Early art and sensory activities enhance the child’s view of the world in which he or she lives. Play Pals is a two day per week program.

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Our Preschool and Pre-K programs increase the classroom time and learning experience. The teachers prepare a curriculum that focuses on skills in all the developmental areas: physical, social, emotional, and intellectual, helping children to establish a strong foundation for the future.  In our multi-age classrooms, children work together as a team exploring a variety of learning areas: the message/writing center, sensory tables, painting, studio arts, dramatic play, construction/blocks, literacy, light tables, science and more.  Like the old one room schoolhouse, children support each other’s learning while reaching individual milestones. In multi-age classrooms students are able to stay with the same teacher for two to three years. Parents may choose a three, four, or five day program, increasing time as your child grows.

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At CCC we design our K-3 elementary school especially for enthusiastic, older learners.  Considering the National Association for the Education of the Young Child guidelines, the program promotes academic learning in fun and innovative ways. The class introduces children to new ideas with activities that are meaningful in their own lives.  Activities include: field-trips, cooking, language and literature, science and environmental studies, math and technology, creative dance and theater, and physical education.

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Every fall and spring CCC teachers hold conferences with parents.  In the grade school program children share their portfolios and participate in the conference, promoting a sense of ownership with regards to their own education and future studies.


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