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2017 Summer Camp Line-Up

The Young Naturalist

June 26– June 30

Things that fly, grow, creep, and crawl; what can we find in CCC’s nature playground?  A puzzle of plants and creatures create a world of super science that intrigues and inspires all.  Gardening, worm bins, seeds, flowers, bugs, bats, birds, and butterflies will all be invited to join the fun!  Plant in the garden and release some ladybugs to protect the plantings, make a nature journal and more! Calling all naturalists to the rescue as we learn to care and connect with the great outdoors!

Super Science, Amazing Arts

July 3-July 7 (No camp 7/4)

Put on your lab coat and become a super scientist! The three sciences—chemistry, physics, and biology—will be explored in creative and innovative ways. The scientific process will be introduced as we propose questions, build and test hypotheses, and develop theories. Make magic goop, grow some germs, blast off a rocket and create an egg drop! From balloon physics to crazy chemical concoctions, we will be busy rocking our world with cool experiments and new discoveries!

A World of Comedy

July 10-July 14

From theater and puppetry to costume design and just simply clowning around we will be laughing hysterically!  To perfect our comedic routines, we will study the work of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton through their silent films while practicing our own!  Students will develop comedic routines while designing their own comic strip inspired by their work.  Join us at the end of the week for a montage of our favorite original comedic skits as well as a comics convention!

Summer Splash I– A Wet & Wild Adventure

July 17 – July 21

Water is a mysterious and magical material to work with.  This week we will explore water science: how to make it move, how to make it change and how essential it is.  Come build a contraption for water to travel through and hope it doesn’t leak!  From splashy arts and crafts to wet and wild science, a slip sliding good time will be had by all!  Crazy water games will fill the days with laughter.  Pack a bag with sunscreen, swim suit, towel and an extra change of clothes.

Art By Heart

July 24 – July 28

Given the tools the time and inspiration, every child is an ARTIST! Join us for this amazing week of art camp… CCC’s most popular!  Children will explore two and three dimensional design through an exposure to a wide variety of materials. They will learn to combine art elements with technique and imagination. Color mixing, tinting and hueing, clay sculptures and print making, masterpieces will appear!

Den Village – A Cardboard City

July 31-August 4

Inspired by the work in the Elementary classroom this year,  be prepared to let your imagination run wild!  Using cardboard boxes, the language of paper and other recycled materials, a city will emerge as children design their homes, businesses and invent their own working economy.  This week will be a transformation from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Cars, planes, trains, rockets…there is nothing too big or too small for this cardboard city!

Magic and Myths, Legends and Lore

August 7—August 11

Mermaids, unicorns, and dragons! Elves, Fairies and wee folk! As honorary CCC wizards, we will take a trip into the enchanted world of our imaginations. Using literacy and the arts our design centers will help us to create an enchanted world at CCC, so grab your wand and hop on your dragon, it’s time to soar forwards and backwards in time!

Summer Splash II—Sailing the Seven Seas

August 14-August 18

Ahoy mat’e!  In this wild week of water fun, we will hop on me pirate ship as we sail the seven seas!  From map making and pirate ship construction to buried treasure, adventure awaits. We will be singing and dancing all week long as we act out pirate skits and write  pirate stories.  Pack a bag with sunscreen, swim suit, towel and an extra change of clothes.  Let’s end this summer with a SPLASH!

Let the Good Times Roll

August 21-August 25

As the summer program comes to an end, the CCC administration will be preparing for the upcoming school year.  We will keep one classroom opened for member families in need of care. Our last week of camp will be a grab bag of adventure!  Revisiting our favorite projects, collecting our memories and working with our garden.  What will school be like in the fall? What changes will we see as the season comes to an end?  From harvesting to cooking, it’s time prepare for fall! What are our favorite memories? Registration is limited so please be sure to sign up early.

Camp Information

Ages:  Early Learners (Ages 3 to 5) and Elementary (Ages 6 to 10)

Time:  Camps run Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 3:00 with a half day option ending at 12:00.  Extended care runs from 7:30-9:00 am and 3:00—5:30 pm. 

Weekly Tuition Prices:

Full Day tuition (9:00-3:00) – $285.00/wk

Half Day tuition – (9:00 – 12:00) – $170.00/wk

Extended Care

Summer extended care hours are prepaid and set as a flat rate. Please include payment with your registration form. Students may be dropped off or picked up anytime during extended hours.

Morning (7:30-9:00) – $50.00 per week

Afternoon (3:00-5:30) – $75.00 per week

Morning & Afternoon combined: $100.00 per week

Daily rate: $15.00 morning  or $35.00 for morning/afternoon

Summer Savings

Summer Package: Sign up for 3 weeks and save 5%, sign up for 6 weeks and save 10% and sign up for all 9 weeks and save 15%.

Siblings: Siblings receive a 5% tuition credit.

Bring a Friend: Bring a new friend to CCC and take $25 dollars off of both tuitions.

Registration policyWe will confirm by e-mail. We will place you on a waitlist if the camp is full.

Refund policy: We require a written notice for refunds.  Postmarked requests are refunded as follows: 14 days or more-50%, 7-13 days -25%, 0-7 no refunds.

Questions?  Email info@creativechildrenscenter.com

*Please note, summer saving discounts cannot be combined.