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Welcome Families! Back to School Sept. 3rd 2014



As our colorful summer days transform into the earth tones of fall, our thoughts move from summer adventures to autumn preparations. At CCC the sunflowers are stretching high, whispering their secrets to the birds and bees, “Come visit, for autumn winds will soon be here, scattering my seeds and petals!” As the days shorten we seem to speed up seeking our last adventures! Off to the beach, the campground, the pool and park! It’s important to take a breath, make time for a walk or read a good story. Fall is a magical time of year at CCC, where teachers welcome the children and parents into their new classroom community, filled with friendships and opportunities for growth.

We look forward to sharing this time with you and getting to know your child and family. We hope this newsletter will guide you through some of the wonderings you might be having about CCC and our plans for the fall. We invite you to join us for a year of learning with the hope that together we will grow with the children, ready and willing to take risks, make new friends, and guide our children towards a hopeful tomorrow.
Teacher Lucy Chaille
CCC Founder and Director


2014-2015 School Supplies List PDF

First Two Weeks  of School Schedule

Date: Scheduled Class for: Class Begins:
Wed, Sept. 3rd Sunshine Kids ( M, W, F and 5 day programs) 9:00 am
Rainbow Rascals (Children with Last Names A-R) 9:00 am
Super Stars (A-M) 1:00 pm
Elementary (begins with everyone) 9:00 am
Thurs, Sept. 4th Play Pals AM (Children with Last Names A-F) 9:10 am
Elementary continues… 9:00 am
Sunshine Kids ( Mon, Tues, Thurs and 4 day programs) 9:00 am
Fri, Sept. 5th Sunshine Kids (Regular class schedule begins) 9:00 am
Rainbow Rascals (Children with Last Names (S-Z) 9:00 am
Super Stars (N-Z) 1:00 pm
Elementary continues… 9:00 am
Mon, Sept 8th Sunshine Kids (Regular class schedule continues) 9:00 am
Rainbow Rascals (Regular class schedule begins) 9:00 am
Super Stars (Regular class schedule begins) 1:00 pm
Tues, Sept. 9th Play Pals AM (Children with Last Names G-Z) 9:10 am
Wed, Sept. 10th All Preschool and Elementary on regular schedule
Thursday, Sept. 11th Play Pals AM continues…(Parents will transition out to parent meeting) 9:10 am