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Exploring Glass as an Art Material in Preschool


A new material was introduced in Sunshine Kids mixed age preschool class – Glass! A material often forbidden to little fingers, it can entrance and engage even the youngest artists. It’s a solid and a liquid, it is transparent and opaque, it can be rough and smooth, it makes a sound. Our 3 to 5 year olds made many observations.


After a brief safety talk and demonstration of how heat can change glass – using a tea candle and glass stringer – our kids were invited to the light table to explore color, light and composition with pre-cut mosaic shapes.

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Our explorations with glass will continue as the 5 year olds visit local manufacturer Bullseye Glass Co. to see first hand how this material is made and how the company is developing the Kids & Glass art movement – making art glass more accessible to young creators.

The 3-4 year old students will have their own glass adventure as they visit artist Kurumi Conley at her studio and see how she transforms this material into beautiful Japanese inspired nature pieces.

As we develop this material in class we will be guiding the students toward a collaborative glass composition they will design and build together – Stay tuned for updates as this project unfolds…

— Kirstan G.
CCC Parent and Glass Enthusiest