Making Connections in Sunshine Kids

Ben talking to Hadyn about his drawing.

One of the last times I parent helped in the Sunshine Kids classroom I observed a lot of connections being made. There were connections between friends, connections with materials and connections with the teacher and parent helpers. Every day they are in the classroom our friends are making powerful connections to materials and people that will shape their learning.

Carter and Corinne reading a book together.

On this day I observed kids making connections with drawing, books and other materials. The classroom provides so many different ways to discover and learn on a daily basis and it is wonderful to see what is going on in a typical day. For example, Ben shared his drawing with Hadyn and explained his idea. Carter and Corinne read a book together and shared a story.

Noah and Chloe drawing their self-portraits.

In another part of the classroom Noah and Chloe made connections with their reflections in the mirror to draw their self-portraits. They also made connections with each other by observing each other’s work.

Hazel and Ben working together to build a tower.

In the block area Hazel and Ben worked together to build an impressive tower. They built connections to the materials and to each other by finding out how to work together to create something.

Isabel and her Dad Darrin working on a drawing and gluing project together.

In another area parent helper Darrin and his daughter Isabel were working on a drawing and gluing project together. Later on, kids joined Darrin in planting seeds in cups. The classroom provides many different areas and ways for friends to connect with what intrigues them.

Adam working on watering his seed in his cup of dirt.

What I observed on this typical day of school offered a glimpse into the vast web of connections that are made in the classroom through exploration of materials, projects and connections with others. It is amazing what can happen in a short time that will provide a lasting effect on the way that kids learn and think about the world around them.

— Trista A.

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