Rosabelle’s Courage – A Story from Sunshine Kids


Sunshine Kids, 3-5’s class, had a very special circle time this week…

This time last year, as a parent member of the school council, I was sad to hear of one students struggle with a frightening medical condition. Facing surgery to remove a clot in her brain, young Rosabelle and her family were in all our thoughts. Her class came together to write her letters and well wishes. After months of medical interventions, Rosabelle returned to school, her community of friends surrounding her with their love and support.

For the anniversary of her recovery, Rosabelle shared a very touching book at circle. A photo album documenting her illness and treatment, a way for her, and her family, to process what they had gone through this time last year; A way to share her story, and her strength. Here is a sample of the children’s dialogue:

“Why did you get sick?”

“The doctors don’t know why, it’s still kind of a mystery. That was a good question, who else has a question?”

“Were you scared? Did it hurt?”

“No, my body was so sick it went to sleep. I didn’t feel anything. Just tired.”

“I have a Lego hospital. I know about hospitals.”

“Are you ok now?”

“Yes, I feel good now, thank you!”

“Are you scared it will come back? Will you die?”

“No, I’m not scared. Not anytime soon. They take good care of me.”

“I’m glad you got better Rosabelle, you’re my friend.”

Sharing your story can be a powerful thing. Providing an environment of community and support allows our children to grow together, to share their stories and their lives. To learn the things that can’t be taught, but must be discovered. Empathy. Compassion. Courage.

— KG

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