NAREA Summer Conference 2012


NAREA Summer Conference 2012

Dialogues for Quality in Education:
Giving Visibility to Creative Thinking and Collaboration in Our Schools and Communities



We spent four days dialoguing with 500 educators from all over the world.  From Italy, to China and Indonesia, we shared our work and cultivated new relationships.  We enjoyed presentations and workshops  on Innovative education, the Atelier, movement and the brain,  and so much more!    It was an experience of a lifetime. 



NAREA Speakers—Tiziana Fiippini, Vea Vecchi, and Amelia Gambetti



Vea Vecchi recieving the Lifetime Achievement Award



A warm thank you to Clark College, Helen Gordon Center, Mentor Graphic Child Development Center and Opal School for opening their doors for the school visits on Sunday Afternoon. 



Learning how to learn how to have conversations with children is research itself.  It implies time and strategies.  How much have we invested into this?  Have we become capable to learn how to listen?  – Vea Vecchi

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