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Oregon Kindergarten Assessments – CCC Parent Meeting May 20th

Dear CCC Parents,

Today I received an important announcement from PCPO, (Parent Child Preschool’s Organization).  PCPO shares their concerns that the new “Oregon Kindergarten Assessment” is unnecessary and may damage self esteem.  Courtney, Taty, and I concur!

From what they share in their letter, students entering kindergarten will be tested on information that they need to know by the “END’ of their kindergarten year. In other words, what they go to kindergarten for!

As a veteran teacher of over 20 years, and the mother of four, five year old children are putting many new pieces together.  They have learned to talk, walk, play with letters and sounds, and have a good sense of numbers.  They can sing songs, jump high, and run fast!  They can make friends and keep them.  They are smart, competent, and creative little beings who enter kindergarten ready and able to do it all!  However, if the first thing they encounter is a test that is not needed, and will increase a child’s anxiety about school, well…it’s time to speak up!

To learn more, read the information provided by PCPO here:

Why Parents Should be Concerned about the Oregon Kindergarten Assessment

Play Based vs. Academic Preschools. What the Research Says

Also, attend our

“Elementary Learning” Meeting

Tuesday May 20th
7:00pm @ CCC Elementary Classroom

We will share creative strategies to prepare your child for kindergarten, as well as summer time enrichment activities for elementary students up through second grade.   We can talk at the meeting about the state’s assessments plan, and how to support your child should it be implemented.

You are welcome to bring non-CCC parents that share these concern as your guest. Please RSVP to the office so we can acomodate everyone who wishes to attend: info(at)creativechildrenscenter.com

Thank you,

Lucy Chaillé
CCC Director
K-2 Teacher