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At Creative Children’s Center we see the unlimited potential of children as competent, inspired learners. As an exceptional cooperative school, we provide a rich educational environment, engaging curriculum, inspired teachers, and endless learning opportunities.  Partnering with families, together we form a neighborhood where children and adults connect in joyful learning and exploration of life.

Founded in 1990, Creative Children’s Center offers classes for children ages two through third grade with both half day and full day options. In the summer months our Creativity Summer School expands to grade six and welcomes teen counselors.  Our school is located on the border of two Oregon communities, Hillsboro and Beaverton.

Drawing 1We are a Reggio Inspired School with a constructivist philosophy.  We believe in multi-age education and register a balanced number of ages in each class.  This creates an environment where older students naturally take on leadership roles and develop mentoring and social skills.  Younger students benefit from the natural security a mixed-age classroom provides, while experiencing the “big ideas” with their older peers.  The chidren are able to reach their highest potential based on their individual development and interests.

We build a child’s self esteem on a foundation of acceptance, encouragement and respect. Each student’s ideas are nurtured producing an environment conducive to developing independence, creativity, and confidence.  Children are encouraged to solve problems while they explore and interact with ideas and the materials presented. Education forms a partnership with the child’s own interests, creating a lifelong love to learn.

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