Currently Enrolling


Prospective families are invited to visit our program throughout the year.  Our registrar will be happy to schedule a tour, or you may reserve a spot on one of our upcoming visitation days by contacting the school via phone or e-mail.

Enrollment is opened all year, as long as space is available.  For future years, you may join the waiting list after you have toured and we receive your application.  You will be given a pre-registration position in the school, and your enrollment will be processed following current and alumni members.

Current families and alumni enroll in January for the following school year.  Open enrollment begins in early February.   Summer enrollment begins in April. Families are always welcome to join the school at any time if space is available in the class of their choice.

Typically we begin the week after labor day, and end the second week of June.   As a community school, parents are given the opportunity to be a “helper” in their child’s classroom once a month.  Classroom helping is optional, and is seen as a personal choice.  As a community we embrace all families, those who can assist, those who cannot, realizing that we all give what and when we can!  (Class helpers are required to have a criminal records check).

Tuition is based on the class, on the number of days the class meets, and the grade level.   As a cooperative school, parents are given the opportunity to participate in the classroom as a helper and in turn receive a tuition credit. Classroom participation is optional, and is seen as a personal choice based on each situation and ability to help. Financial assistance is available to eligible families through ERDC (Employment Related Daycare Subsidy). Please note that ERDC income limits have been expanded due to Covid-19. CCC will support and guide families through the process of applying for this program.

The CCC family members are composed of both full and part time working mothers and fathers, as well as stay at home parents. We are proud of our broad community of cultural and social diversity and welcome all.

Please Contact Us with any questions or to request the complete registration packet which includes enrollment forms and more information on other details such as:

  • Parent participation
  • Additional fees for registration, art materials, and special projects
  • Discounts available for siblings and families who pay annual tuition in full.