Preschool Program

Our Multi-age Pre-K classrooms are for children who are three and four years old by September. Multi-age education enriches the total learning environment, encouraging all the children to achieve their best regardless of age. Like the “one room schoolhouse”, or “family approach”, children are able to share their experiences and knowledge with compassion for each other as co-learners. They learn to support each other’s learning and the community while reaching individual developmental goals.

ln a multi-age class students can stay together for more than one year, often with the same teacher. Research has found that language and social skills improve more rapidly and discipline problems diminish in a mixed age classroom. Our preschool curriculum is filled with a wide range of projects insuring the introduction of academic knowledge in fun and meaningful ways.

Two day or three day used to be the norm, however research shows that many children want more! Throughout the world it is common for preschoolers to attend school five days a week. For “enthusiastic learners,” we offer a 5 day option. lt has been shown that children who attend five days in a row grow by leaps and bounds, naturally building on the previous day’s experiences. This option is open to children who turn three or four by September 1st. * Priority placement is given for this class.

Early and extended care in our Creativity Club is also available to all students.

A Typical Day

Each day will vary depending on the activities and timeline of the students.  The example times below are provided to show the rhythm of the day.  This pattern frames our days but is not a rigid schedule.

The Morning Gathering: The teacher, parent helpers, and students meet together for songs, movement, stories and conversations.

Choice Time: The children’s work and exploration time. Activities include art, science, blocks, books, games, drawing and writing, dramatic play, construction, exploration of light, water play, clay, and imagination toys.

Clean-Up Time: The children clean up the room with guidance from the teacher.

Circle Time: Music, dance, stories, dramatic play and a review of the day. Math and reading activities are introduced in fun and meaningful ways. Children, teachers and parents share and listen to each others’ ideas and opinions. These conversations often lead to projects and ideas that the children will later work on.

Mini-Meal: A healthy snack time where all sit down to eat together.

Outdoor play: Running, yelling, bike riding, ball playing, chasing, and jumping fun!

Half Day Ends: Half Day parents to pick up.


Full Day Program:

Lunch: Full Day children bring lunch from home.

Relaxation & Rest: Children have some down time. Typically 30 minutes in length.

Enrichment: Theatre, studio time, literacy circles, science and more.

Recess: Time to explore and enjoy our nature based play space.

Full Day End: 3:00 pm

Read about our Creativity Clubs for more information on before and after school enrichment and extended care, open to full-day and half-day students.