A Parents Perspective – Why Trista and Adam love CCC

As we were looking for a preschool for our son, soon to turn 3 years old, I remembered passing by a nice looking little school called Creative Children’s Center nearby where we live. I thought that with “creative” in the name it should be a very unique school for my son to attend. We were very impressed after going to the open house for the school and our son loved playing and exploring in the classroom so much we never even visited other schools.

This school is much more than just a school; it is a community where you learn so much from the children and their parents. We all work together so that each child will learn to be a creative person. This is my son’s second year at the school and he and I have learned so much through the classes here at CCC. Every day that I parent help I learn something new about my son, the other children and how to be a better parent. In many ways I have started to do a lot of things at home that I have witnessed being done at school and it has been very helpful.

We enjoy the community of CCC and the personal attention that the teachers give to each student and each parent. It is amazing the wisdom that we gain as parents through the parent teacher conferences. Not only do we get to see how our son is progressing in school we also get tips on how to better parent him at home so that he can have more success at school.

I really love how the teachers make sure that the students learn to be independent. The students all participate in clean up time and take their dishes over to the dish washing area and throw away their trash. The kids learn to communicate with each other and empathize with one another in a kind and safe environment.

I love the projects that the kids do that change with the seasons and that they are allowed to participate in so very many activities. Many projects that we as parents would think of as “off limits” or “too messy” are things that the kids get to explore in the classroom such as using shaving cream and colored glue in experiments and art projects.

Also, I love that CCC encourages healthy eating with their mini meals. Each school day a different parent provides a healthy mini meal for the kids that often includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains and other good foods. Parents and kids are also encouraged to cook together in the classroom. Often kids will be more willing to try foods if they make them or choose them themselves. I really enjoy and celebrate this aspect of the classroom.

Adam has grown and changed so much over the time he has been at CCC. He is learning how to interact and play with others in a kind and gentle way as well as learned how many wonderful gifts and strengths that he has; such as building and creating engineering type projects. I love to see my son blossom into a wonderful, creative child that is free to explore the world around him. I am thankful that CCC has given him this opportunity.
—Trista A.

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