A Parents Perspective – Messy Pants and Engaged Kids

Messy Pants? Engaged Child!

While looking at reviews of preschools a few years ago I came across one review complaining that their kids were coming home dirty.  At the time, before I had any children in preschool, I kind of agreed.  But then, Audrey had her first day of Play Pals PM and when I picked her up I was not greeted by the whimpering child I had left behind. Instead I was happily surprised to find a grinning, paint covered little girl who couldn’t wait to come back.

When Audrey started Super Stars the next year, the only way I could leave was to get her started on painting.  And every day, without fail, she had paint on her by the end of the day.  Then slowly the paint was replaced by water, and flubber, and mud.  Now in her second year of Super Stars Audrey comes home clean more often than not.  While I am proud that she has found new ways to express herself and play with her friends, I miss my paint covered mop head.

But I’m not too sad.  I have a son who takes his messy fun quite seriously.  Today my son’s hair was not so much dark brown as it was dark grey.  Archer had flour in his hair and all over his face.  His pants were covered in paint and mud and his shoes were soaking wet.  Some people might look at this and see a dirty child that is heading straight for the bath.  All I see is a happy little boy who isn’t afraid to get into things.  I see a child who is learning by doing.  I see my boyo enjoying life and everything around him.  Nothing without joy!

—April P