Mini Pumpkin Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Mini Pumpkin Turkeys
Gobble Gobble up your feast!

This is a great craft to work on during a rainy day with your little ones. We did this project as a family and each made a really fun and unique turkey!

What you need:

Mini pumpkins

Colored paper/Copy paper

Scissors (adult and child size)


Clear tape or double-sided tape

Craft eyes

Crayons/Markers/Colored pencils

the finished turkey head
Adam showing off his Turkey head

Here are the steps to creating your turkeys:

  1. Cut out turkey heads from colored paper or copy paper. We just did free form head cut-outs but you can draw them and then cut them out if you prefer.  Create the heads by folding a piece of paper in half and use the crease to create the neck. Then, glue the other seam together . This creates a head that can be placed over the stem of the pumpkin.
  2. Decorate your turkey head with a red “waddle” and an eye and even a hat or a crown!
  3. Place your head onto the stem of the pumpkin.
  4. Cut out different colored feathers and tape them in back of the head onto the pumpkin.  My son Adam who is 4, was able to cut out his own feathers in different shapes.
  5. Add as many decorations as you like until you are happy with your turkey! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

turkey head for pumpkin being glued

Thank you Trista and Adam for sharing this great project!