Spring inspired glass fusing

Last year Teacher Courtney developed a relationship with a glass artist named Kurumi.  Kurumi has a glass studio in North East Portland, and has been a great partner of the schools for a year now.  This year, the k-2 class will be creating a glass composition as one piece that will be going up for auction.  Lucy and I spent this past Saturday morning at Kurumi’s studio, developing a plan and collecting glass to get our project started.

After Lucy and I visited Kurumi’s studio on Saturday, we decided that the next step was to share Kurumi’s work with the children.  Using our laptop and projector, we projected images of Kurumi and her work on the wall for the children to discuss.  Taking turns, they pointed at things they noticed about her studio and her work.  It was also an interesting exploration of shadow and light!  There are photographs framed in the classroom if you are interested in seeing more of Kurumi’s work.