Exploring Glass with K-3 – And a Special Guest from Bullseye Glass

“This one is like the ocean”


This week the K-3 class had a special guest join circle, Lani McGregor from BullseyeGlass Co., took some time to share her work with glass with us. The kids learned how glass is made at the BE factory and Lani shared a wonderful tale about the discovery of glass by ancient sailors, who by accident mixed soda ash with beach sand. The Soda Ash makes the sand able to transform into glass at a lower temperature, so as a storm rolled in and lightening struck — glass was discovered!


CCC has been working with glass for a number of years. Artist Kurumi Conley was introduced to the school by a parent, and since then glass has worked it’s way into the curriculum. Another long time parent, whose son pioneered the elementary program, has demonstrated torch work and brought materials to share. And through the generous support of BE, I had the chance to do some kiln work last year with the CCC as well. Glass has a magical lure to the kids, it invokes many questions and they are always drawn to it from different angles. One group gets intrigued by light and color, another by sound, last year when I worked with the 3-5’s on kiln fired bowls they were commenting on it’s ability to be solid and liquid — “it’s like lava!”

I personally can’t wait to see how this language develops with the group as they continue to explore and create with glass…