Exploring Glass as an Art Material


Glass is a wonderful material and a joy to create with.  As the 2017 school year begins Teacher Lucy and Teacher Vivian look forward to sharing this wonderful material with our children.  Here our some images from our first experiences back in 2017.  The Sunshine Kids children were the first to be introduced to glass as a means of expression.


The Sunshine class is completely engaged the parent helper’s introduction glass and it’s amazing ability to transform.  After a brief safety talk and demonstration of how heat can change glass – using a tea candle and glass stringer – the children were invited to the light table to explore color, light and composition with pre-cut mosaic shapes.

2015GlassBlogA4 2015GlassBlogA3 2015GlassBlogA2 2015GlassBlogA1

The explorations with glass continued as the older students visited the local manufacturer Bullseye Glass Co. to see first hand how this material is made and how the company is developing the Kids & Glass art movement – making art glass more accessible to young creators.

The 3-4 year old students had their own glass adventure as they visit artist Kurumi Conley at her studio and saw how she transforms this material into beautiful Japanese inspired nature pieces.

We have continued to develop this language and material in our classes over time, and have created many collaborative glass compositions.  This year we will be building on the past and continuing to paint our ideas with glass  and grow our imaginations.

Thank you to Kirstan G., CCC parent alumni for introducing us to the wonder of glass!