Ticket to Play – A Story from Sunshine Kids

Inclusion Play in Preschool
Inclusion Play in Preschool

It started with a tap, tap, then “Come see, you have to come!” Sevi led me to the large block area where he and a handful of classmates had turned a pile of blocks and a table into an invitation to enter their play. With enthusiasm and imagination they had created a fort. But, not just any fort, this fort was special, it was a  “Ticket fort, you need a ticket to come in and play.” explained Carter.

I asked, “So how do I get a ticket, I don’t have one?” And then the story really took off as all the kids chimed in explaining their roles in the game, how it worked, and how others can come join in.

Ethan, “I make the tickets. Like this.” And he pulled out a sheet of paper and started filling it with colors.

Carter “I take the papers and cut the tickets out of them. I’m in charge of scissors. We put them here so they go to people. In a line.”

Sevi, “ I go get people. They have to come play.”

Hudson, “I’m the scanner, I scan the tickets right here. This is my ticket scanner.” Pointing to a lower flat block tower in front of the fort he was peaking out of.

So I ask, “Oh, so do I need money to buy a ticket?”

Carter, “No, Everyone gets a ticket. We send Sevi to go get people who need tickets. We just give them one. Then they can come in and play.”

Simple. Amazing. Play.

Later, as I was back to art projects with Sam, Kahlan runs up to me all dressed up and excited, “Mommy, you have to come! I’m all fancy and ready to go in the fort. They gave me this ticket; I get to go play in there. But, of course, I had to get ready first. Come play, the tickets are for everyone. You can get one. Or we can share mine.”

—KG CCC Parent