Seeking Connections through Many Languages

Often children entering Preschool are in the process of discovering the power of words and trying to master their language. For some, this process involves more than one tongue – but there are many languages to learning and connections are sought. Here is a story of one students day as shared by Teacher Courtney:

Towa came over to me while pointing to a piece of paper and saying, “Teacher Courtney, Teacher Courtney”.  “Yes, Towa, is that a message for me?”  “No,” he said and kept writing.  He held that piece of paper close to him and went back and forth between saying my name and writing.

Towa is one of the newest students in our Play Pals class and speaks almost exclusively Japanese.  As time goes on he is becoming more interested in the classroom community and is actively seeking out connections.

Through the languages of paint, writing, singing drama, and play, Towa is finding his voice and place in the group.

— KG