Writing and Reading Exposure in a Preschool Classroom


Today in the Super Stars class they arrived with a survey to take. Do you like sunny days or rainy days better? Each child really thought about which choice was better, to play in the sun or in the rain. Once they had an opinion they carefully chose a marker color and wrote their names. Discussion broke out through the class about their similarities and differences in opinion. At circle we counted our votes and sunny days won! 2 children for rain and 9 for sun.

This exposure to reading and writing is a very important beginning step in early childhood. This gives value to why we want to write our names. It is not because it is your name- it is so we can know what our class likes better; rain or sun. It gives value to the child as an individual with preferences and opinions. Which in turn motivates them to write their names for each survey. The more they practice, the more risky they start becoming, trying new letters in their names, guessing what the new survey says and being excited to see the results revealed.

Check back in for our next survey results!